Advertising Materials

Take a look at the new HASSRA posters and find out how you can get them for your notice boards.

They have been designed to capture the Association’s new branding and to brighten up your notice boards.

The posters are in two sets:-

A triptych of posters telling you all about the main benefits of HASSRA membership.

HASSRA triptych poster 1    HASSRA triptych poster 2    HASSRA triptych poster 3

Plus, four colour 'belly' posters giving you the opportunity to promote your local contact details, events and competitions.

HASSRA Belly Poster 1 

 HASSRA Belly Poster 2  HASSRA Belly Poster 3  HASSRA Belly Poster 4


Please contact the HASSRA Commu­nica­tions and Marketing Team for details of how to order these posters.