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HASSRA National Associate Membership Scheme Rules


Membership of the HASSRA National Associate Membership scheme is available to anyone who:

  • works for a qualifying employer that does not collect subscriptions directly from salary (eg. Group 4 staff on DWP premises, agency staff in DH); or
  • works for a local authority and is co-located with staff from a qualifying employer e.g. DWP, DH, FSA; or
  • works for a Government Department e.g. HMRC and is co-located with staff from a qualifying employer e.g. DWP, DH, FSA; or
  • works for an NHS Trust; or
  • has ceased to be eligible for ordinary HASSRA membership because they are no longer employed by a qualifying employer (see note 1 below); and
  • is not currently eligible to join HASSRA as a retired member.

Please note: The HASSRA National Associate Membership scheme is not available to members of existing HASSRA regional or club associate membership schemes unless the above eligibility conditions are satisfied.

Regional Membership

National Associate Members (NAMs) will be affiliated to a HASSRA regional association of their choice.

Failure to nominate a region will result in a default affiliation based on the member’s address provided at the time of application.


NAMs will pay the prevailing rate of standard subscrip­­tions, 12 months in advance by credit/debit card.

Membership may be terminated by giving one month's notice. The balance of any subscrip­­tions following the period of notice will be refunded by bank transfer.

Rights and Respon­sibi­lities

NAMs will enjoy the same access to HASSRA’s programme of activities and benefits as ordinary members.

NAMs will also have the same voting rights in Association elections as ordinary members, and are subject to the same rules and code of conduct (see note 2 below).


Note 1: qualifying employers include the Department of Health, Department for Work and Pensions, the Food Standards Agency or any of these orga­­nisa­­tions' executive agencies, arm's length bodies or qualifying contractors.

Note 2: details of the HASSRA Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy can be found in the Volunteer Toolbox


Existing NAMs will receive a renewal notice three weeks prior to the expiry of their membership, at which point their eligibility will be reviewed, where necessary. If no response is received to a renewal notice within one month of the date of issue we will assume you no longer wish to continue with your membership. If a renewal payment is subsequently made, membership will be treated as continuous from the renewal date regardless of when the payment is made.

Renewal payments will be determined by the prevailing standard subscription rate.

November 2018.

HASSRA National Associate Membership - Lottery Scheme Rules


Entry to the HASSRA lottery is by purchase of HASSRA Lottery shares.

Lottery shareholders must be ordinary members of HASSRA or members of the HASSRA national associate membership scheme.

Each share costs £1.00 and members may purchase a maximum of 20 shares per month.

Lottery prizes will only be paid to the named winning Lottery shareholder.


Participating Associate Members of the HASSRA National Lottery scheme will pay 12 months’ subscriptions in advance by credit/debit card.

Payment must be tendered at the same time as payment for associate membership (or ordinary membership where subscriptions are paid annually in advance rather than by payroll deductions). This will ensure compliance with the requirement that shareholders must be ordinary or associate members of HASSRA.

Shareholdings paid for annually in advance may be cancelled within the period of payment subject to the conditions below but cannot otherwise be varied within the period of payment.


Lottery shares can be cancelled by the shareholder by giving one month’s notice of cancellation of shares. In such cases shares will cease to be valid one calendar month from the date on which notice of cancellation is received by HASSRA. Shares already paid for will be entered into the scheduled lottery draw taking place within the period of notice. The balance of any advance payment after the period of notice will be refunded.

HASSRA will cancel a shareholder’s shares where:

(i) the shareholder ceases to be an ordinary or associate member of HASSRA. In such cases any payment for shares not entered into a lottery draw will be refunded.

(ii) a properly constituted national or regional HASSRA discipline and complaints committee imposes a penalty of temporary or permanent disbarment from the HASSRA Lottery in consequence of a breach of the HASSRA Code of Conduct. In such cases any payment for shares not entered into a lottery draw will be refunded.

Allocation of Numbers

Lottery share numbers will be allocated and notified to the shareholder by HASSRA Corporate Services. When for whatever reason a member’s shares are cancelled their share numbers may be reallocated to a new or existing shareholder.

The Draw

The monthly draw is conducted by HASSRA Corporate Services and scrutinised by two witnesses who must not be members of the HASSRA National Team. After the results have been checked and verified, prize winners are notified personally by letter. All results are published on the HASSRA area of the DWP Intranet system or on the Internet at Lottery Results. Lottery shareholders may withhold their names from any publicity.


The Lottery prize fund and prizes are set by the HASSRA National Board of Management. The HASSRA National Board of Management reserves the right to vary the prize fund and prizes without notice. Prizes will be paid by BACS directly into prize winners’ bank accounts.

July 2016.