Blackpool Pleasure Beach Adult

pleasure beach
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Pleasure Beach is bursting with action packed thrills from one of Europe’s tallest roller­co­asters, The Pepsi Max Big One to the classic wooden Grand National.

Adult ticket is for ages 12yrs and above.

Please check their website for opening times and other attractions.


Tickets valid until 3rd November 2019.

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Rating 5.0
6th Oct 2018, 12:20
Brian Moorcroft
purchased in the summer promotion, good value
  • Value for money Poor
Rating 1.0
12th Sep 2018, 16:00
Stephen Cunningham
Considering that on normal tickets you are only saving £1.00 per ticket, but if you choose a date for a family of 4 you would pay £** through HASSRA Shop where as I could pay £** from the Pleasure Beach website... Not much of an incentive to use the HASSRA Shop if you can choose your date and get tickets cheaper from the Pleasure Beach direct.
Website response: Please note that the tickets that you can buy direct from BPB to which you refer are only valid for a specific day, within a very small window at the end of their season, as opposed to HASSRA’s tickets being valid for the whole season. These unrestricted tickets were available at massively reduced prices for a three month period in the HASSRA Summer Promotion which only ended a couple of weeks ago. This gave our members plenty of time to consider their plans and purchase accordingly.
HASSRA’s pricing policy can be viewed in full at https://­www.­hassrashop.­org.­uk/­pricing
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