Development Scheme

The HASSRA Development Scheme has been in operation since 1986. In partnership with the CSiS Charity Fund, it provides financial support to individual members (not teams) who want to develop their skills where this would involve an expense they would find difficult to meet.

There are 3 main categories under which you can apply:

Personal Development – to develop your potential to serve HASSRA and your local community.

Sport – to develop skills in your chosen sport or activity.

For members – who consider themselves to be disadvantaged or to have a disability who wish to take up or develop skills in a sport, pastime or recreational activity.

Full details of the categories and all of the criteria under which members can apply are contained in the Development Scheme Application Booklet.

To date over 1300 members have applied through the scheme which demonstrates our commitment to both able bodied and disabled members throughout the Association and has helped applicants to achieve success at all levels.

Take a look at what one of our recent recipients has to say…..

For more information about the scheme, read the attached Development Scheme Application Booklet and if you feel this is for you, print it off, complete the application form then post to the address shown on the last page of the booklet.