e-games regional qualifier

The first e-games qualifier was held at the Arcade club in Bury which was the perfect venue. After gathering everyone together, as there were plenty of distractions, we got the games underway.

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The first round was a very classic affair using the Asteroid games machine with the players competing to get the highest score. In first place was Gary Doyle with a score of 8290.

With the first round quickly over things changed slightly for the second round. A nice little reaction game called Shoot & Crash was used. The aim was to shoot all the targets in each round as fast as possible.

All players had great fun with this as the last round was quite explosive.

Jodie Tomlinson-Weaver proved to be the fastest gun in the North West and came out victorious.

The final round and we moved to a popular up to date game, Mario Kart.

This was played on the Nintendo Switch and there was a 104 inch screen available for us to use.

The final round comprised of two heats with first and second going into a final to battle it out.

Gary came first in his heat and went on to claim pole position in the final.

Jodie managed to place second in her heat and was unlucky in the final and finished third.

Once all the points where tallied up Gary was crowned winner with Jodie runner-up and will both represent HASSRA NW at the national festival.

Adrian O'Brien

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