Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my lottery number(s)?

Lottery ticket number(s) are issued immediately after your application has been processed regardless of whether or not deductions from your salary have commenced. The onus is on the individual to notify the HASSRA Lottery office should deductions from salary not have commenced two months from the date of the letter. The ticket letter will be sent by official courier to the office address that was entered on the applicants HASSRA lottery application form.

When is the draw conducted?

The draw is conducted within the first two weeks of each month.

How is the draw conducted?

At the time of each draw, all numbers between the first and last allocated lottery numbers held on the HASSRA Lottery database are input into a 'random number generator'.

Who undertakes the draw?

Two officers are involved with the draw:

  • The numbers are selected by an independent member of staff who is not involved with any part of the admi­nis­tra­tion of the draw.
  • A second individual witnesses the draw and confirms that the drawn numbers have been recorded correctly.

How are 'winners' identified?

The drawn numbers are 'decoded' from the Lottery database which holds records of the names and staff numbers of all HASSRA members who have been allocated tickets in the draw.

The next stage is to ensure that all potential winners have had a deduction from their pay (or pension) for the preceding month and verify this with the appropriate pay group, i.e. RM, DH, FSA, HSE and a number of other payroll providers in the case of potential winners from Private Contractors, Retired Members and those staff working at Special Hospitals. These checks confirm if, and how much, the 'winning' members had deducted from their salaries (or pensions) from the preceding month. The process of dealing with the various payroll providers can take time and this is why the results are often not available until the third or fourth week of the month in question.

However, as soon as a list of winners has been verified and all prize winners have been informed of their win, the results are announced.

How are winners notified?

All winners are initially contacted by phone and notified of their win. A confirmatory letter is then sent to each winner. The results are also posted on the HASSRA Intranet and Internet sites.

How are the cash winnings paid?

All monthly cash prizes for staff paid via the RM payroll system, are paid with salaries, tax free, in the month following the draw. All other winners receive a BACS payment during the month following the draw.

Why are the results not usually announced until the latter part of the month?

You will see from question 5, above, that it is necessary for a significant amount of checking to be undertaken with a number of different parties following each draw. Consequently, the timing of the announcement of the results will vary from month to month depending on the number of required checks and speed of payroll response.

How are the results announced?

Once the results are verified, a copy of the results poster is uploaded to the HASSRA Intranet and Internet sites where the current month and eleven preceding months are featured.

Are there any other rules that apply to the draw?

Yes there are. Click here to view a full set of rules to the HASSRA Lottery.

Can someone win more than one prize in the same month?

Yes, and there have been instances when this has happened. As mentioned in question 2 above, the 'random number generator' selects the numbers within the specified range so all numbers have the potential to be selected. If a member has two or more tickets, there is nothing stopping two different numbered tickets being selected. As long as the correct payroll deduction has been taken, members can therefore win more than one prize in the same month.