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Information on setting up a club can be found via the following link https://­www.­hassrashop.­org.­uk/­volunteer-toolbox which provides further information. e.g. where you can order HASSRA posters; how to access the Staff Clubs Guide etc.

We can provide you with leaflets and promotional items just email CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK outlining your request, please put Recruitment Enquiry in the subject line.

Yes, just email CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK outlining your request, please put Members List Enquiry in the subject line.

Sorry, we do not have access to details of non-members.

Your membership and rebate payment, will automatically move as long as your location is changed on SOP.

Email CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK outlining your request [i.e. location, proposed date/time] please put Office Visit Enquiry in the subject line. While, as a small team, we cannot fulfil every request we will attend wherever possible. If we can’t be there “in person” we can provide you with a presentation and the promotional materials you need to do your own talk.

Email CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK outlining the problem and your email will be redirected to the appropriate person, please put Club Enquiry in the subject line.

There is no problem with using departmental computers to access Internet accounts as long as you are not required to load any software.

The course is DWP departmental training. It is mandatory for HASSRA office bearers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and Auditors. Even the most experienced treasurer can benefit from attending as they will be assured that the processes/­procedures they have in place are correct and making best use of the time and resources available.

Important: we are currently in discussion with DWP Learning & Development regarding how the course will be accessed in future. In the meantime if you wish to put your name forward for the training please email CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK giving your name, location and position on your local club committee and your email will be redirected to the appropriate person, please put Running Staff Clubs Training Enquiry in the subject line. We will contact everyone who has expressed an interest when the situation is resolved.


 Learning Objectives

  • Explain and describe your respon­sibi­lities (and the respon­sibi­lities of other Officers) in relation to your Staff Club
  • Explain the basic book-keeping and accounting practices involved in running a Staff Club (both HASSRA and non-HASSRA affiliated)
  • Create and maintain complete documentary records in support of the accounts
  • Maintain an accurate, up-to-date cashbook
  • Prepare and produce accurate year-end accounts.