HASSRA Fylde – Regional News

Season Ticket

We are please to announce that we have purchased 2 x Season Tickets for each of our top 3 local teams

So if you are a Seasider, a Coaster, part of the Cod Army or just want to see some live football, free of charge, then do as follows.


State the team you wish to see and if you have a preference of fixture, or if you are happy to receive tickets for any match.

If any fixture is oversubs­cribed then a draw will take place, those unlucky may have the option of tickets for another match.

Members can apply for tickets for one fixture per team.

HASSRA Festivals 2019

HASSRA Late Summer Festival 2019 will take place on 7th September, once again at the University of Warwick.

HASSRA Fylde intend to enter as many events as we can. All travel, accomodation and food is provided FREE.

September Events are shown below (click on the links below for event information):

Chess, Crown Green Bowls, Dance & Fitness Workshop, Darts, Fly FishingGaming, Golf, Mixed Touch Rugby, Music, Netball, Photography, Pool, Pop Quiz, SnookerTable Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling. 

If you are interested in any of these events please email the HASSRA Fylde Competitions Team