Joining NESLC – We Need You

 New Members Always Welcome

Anyone who is a member of HASSRA and works on the Newcastle Estate (which incorporates - Benton Park View, Tyne View Park) is an AUTOMATIC member of NESLC (at no extra cost to you) with the exception of the newly formed Pension Centre clubs, but those individuals can still join NESLC and assistance from there own club can be sought. For further information on this you will need to speak to your own club secretary.

To join HASSRA and gain AUTOMATIC NESLC membership you will need to fill in the relevant application form, depending on where and who you work for, please see details below.

To join HASSRA - eligible staff include:






• My CSP


For an application form see HASSRA - How Do I Join

Associate Membership of NESLC

There are three different types of associate members. Please read carefully and complete the correct form below:


Type A – Family and Friends

Did you know that if you are a NESLC member you can sponsor up to four friends and family members who are not working on the Newcastle Estate to be associate members. To apply for membership complete the Type A Application Form.doc

Type B – Non HASSRA / RCSL persons working on the Newcastle Estates

For contractors and non-civil servants who cannot pay subscriptions to either RCSL or HASSRA through payroll. To apply for membership complete Type B Application Form.doc

Type C – HASSRA/RCSL members based off Newcastle Estates or on Newcastle Estates but members of own Local Club - FEPS/Pension/ IPC / JC & TVP

To apply for membership complete Type C Application Form.doc

Please complete the relevant application form and send to the NESLC Please complete the relevant application form and send to the NESLC Treasurer

Jill Gardner,

HMRC, Scheme Cessation 7

BP2102, NISPI, Lindisfarne House,

Benton Park View,



NE98 1ZZ


HASSRA National Associate Membership

Membership of the HASSRA National Associate Membership (NAMs) scheme is available to anyone who:

• works for a qualifying employer which does not deduct subscriptions directly from salary (eg. Group 4 staff on DWP premises, agency staff in DH); or

• has ceased to be eligible for ordinary HASSRA membership because they are no longer employed by a qualifying employer

• is not currently eligible to join HASSRA as a retired member.

Qualifying employers includes the Department of Health, Department for Work and Pensions, the Food Standards Agency or any of these orga­nisa­tions' executive agencies, arm's length bodies or qualifying contractors.

The HASSRA National Associate Membership scheme is not available to members of existing HASSRA regional or club associate membership schemes unless the above eligibility conditions are satisfied.

National Associate Members will be affiliated to a HASSRA regional association of their choice. Failure to nominate a region will result in a default affiliation based on the member’s address provided at the time of application.

It is imperative that once you have joined HASSRA as a National Associate Member that you e-mail the NESLC Secretary ( ) to nominate NESLC as your preferred HASSRA club. Failure to do so will result in you not being a member of NESLC and you will not be able to use any NESLC facilities such as the gym or take advantage of NESLC trips and offers.