Supporting Local Clubs

One of HASSRA’s great strengths is our Local Club Network. Clubs may be based at a single site, or cover a number of locations. No matter what their size or set-up, the main objective is to organise, promote and encourage social interaction by means of a variety of activities, including fundraising, amongst members.

Single Activity Clubs cater for members with a specific interest e.g. Angling, Chess, Golf or Rambling. These clubs are normally open to all members in a region/­locality who have an interest that activity.

Whilst local clubs are responsible for managing themselves in line with the local club constitution and staff clubs guidance http://­intralink.­link2.­gpn.­gov.­uk/­1/­corp/­sites/­finance/­finan­ci­al­con­trol­di­rec­torate/­guidance/­DWP_­S151194.­asp , regional committees have a duty to ensure they provide support and guidance when required. Such as:

  • identify offices that aren’t linked to a local cub and try to assign them if possible
  • ensure each local club is aware of the local club constitution and the relevant officers are in place
  • give three months written notice for end of year accounts to be provided
  • have a system in place for dealing with clubs who do not provide club accounts by the deadline – this may involve closing a club which does not comply
  • ensure clubs complete chairs certificates after each AGM to update details of the club officials
  • provide support by identifying and helping to address any local club issues
  • identify gaps in commu­nica­tions and feedback between local clubs and the region
  • share new ideas and a fresh approach to the HASSRA programme at local and regional level.

The national HASSRA team will support clubs by answering questions via the e-mail helpline CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK This support will include providing membership lists.


Appendix 32 - Model constitution - club

Appendix 64 - Quarterly activity report