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Formed in 1935, HASSRA provides sports and leisure opportunities for employees and retired staff of the Department of Health and Department for Work and Pensions and their agencies and contractors.­ For more information visit http://­www.­hassra.­org.­uk/

HASSRA no longer produce a printed version of the livelife magazine but it is possible to print a copy off from the webpage. If you join the HASSRA Online Shop and sign up to the newsletter, or follow the HASSRA National/­Regional Facebook and/or Twitter pages you will receive alerts to news and offers including Livelife.

Email CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK outlining the details of your request, please put Membership Benefit Proposal in the subject line. We will investigate your idea and let you know if it is adopted.

We do not contribute to individual causes as with so many members it would be impossible to support every charitable request. However, many clubs do support charities with dress down days, cake bakes and other events. Your club has a committee so talk to them to see whether they can help. If this is not possible you can e-mail details of your event or idea to  CONTACT.HASSRAANDCOMMUNITY10000@DWP.GOV.UK giving your name and HASSRA number. Please put Charity Enquiry in the subject line and we will forward to your regional Committee – they may be able to assist with publicity but as detailed above are unlikely to contribute to individual causes.