HASSRA Lottery Rules


1. The HASSRA Lottery is managed in accordance with the 1993 National Lottery Act and HASSRA’s own rules, as follows.

Lottery Promoter

2. The Promoter of the HASSRA Lottery is the HASSRA National Finance Director, Harvey Clarke.

Eligibility to Participate in the HASSRA Lottery

3. Entry to the HASSRA lottery is by purchase of HASSRA Lottery Tickets. Lottery ticket holders must be ordinary members of HASSRA or members of the HASSRA national associate membership scheme. Each ticket costs £1.00 and members may purchase a maximum of 20 tickets per month. Lottery prizes will only be paid to the named winning Lottery ticket holder.

Payment for Lottery Shares

4. Payment for lottery tickets will be made by:

(i) monthly deductions from pay or pension in the case of ordinary members whose payroll or pension provider makes deductions on behalf of HASSRA.

(ii) annual payments in advance in the case of ordinary and associate members who cannot pay by deductions from their pay or pension.

5. Annual payments in advance for lottery tickets must be tendered at the same time as payments for ordinary or associate membership. This will ensure compliance with the requirement that ticket holders must be ordinary or associate members of HASSRA (see paragraph 3 above).

6. Ticket holdings paid for annually in advance may be cancelled within the period of payment subject to the conditions at paragraphs 7-9 below but cannot otherwise be varied within the period of payment.

Cancellation of Lottery Shares

7. Lottery tickets can be cancelled by the ticket holder by:

(i) cancelling deductions from pay or pension where payment is made by monthly deductions. In such cases tickets will cease to be valid in the month following the last monthly payment was received. It is the ticket holder’s respon­sibility to ensure their payroll or pension provider cancels their deductions from pay or pension. Any payment received via a payroll or pension provider will result in a valid share being purchased and entered into the lottery.

(ii) giving one month’s notice of cancellation of tickets in the case of tickets purchased annually in advance. In such cases tickets will cease to be valid one calendar month from the date on which notice of cancellation is received by HASSRA. Tickets already paid for will be entered into the scheduled lottery draw taking place within the period of notice. The balance of any advance payment after the period of notice will be refunded.

8. HASSRA will cancel a ticket holder’s tickets where:

(i) the ticket holder ceases to be an ordinary or national associate member of HASSRA. In such cases any payment for tickets not entered into a lottery draw will be refunded.

(ii) a properly constituted national or regional HASSRA discipline and complaints committee imposes a penalty of temporary or permanent disbarment from the HASSRA Lottery in consequence of a breach of the HASSRA Code of Conduct. In such cases any payment for tickets not already entered into a lottery draw will be refunded.

9. In the event of the death of a lottery ticket holder tickets will be cancelled immediately that HASSRA is notified of the death. Any payments in respect of shares cancelled in this circumstance will be refunded to the deceased’s estate.

Allocation of Numbers

10. Lottery ticket numbers will be allocated and notified to the ticket holder by HASSRA Corporate Services. When for whatever reason a member’s tickets are cancelled their ticket numbers may be reallocated to a new or existing ticket holder.

The Draw

11. The monthly draw is conducted by HASSRA Corporate Services and scrutinised by two witnesses who must not be members of the HASSRA National Team. After the results have been checked and verified, prize winners are notified personally by letter.

12. All results are published on the HASSRA area of the DWP Intranet system or on the Internet at Lottery Results. Lottery ticket holders may withhold their names from any publicity.


13. The Lottery prize fund and prizes are set by the HASSRA National Board of Management. The HASSRA National Board of Management reserves the right to vary the prize fund and prizes without notice.

14. Prizes are free of tax and are payable in the month following the draw. They are paid directly into salary for those ticket holders whose salaries are paid via the DWP RM system. In all other cases, they will be paid directly into ticket holders’ bank accounts via BACS.

June 2014